How to get Mobile DJ Public Liability Insurance for just £39.99

So how do you  get DJ public liability for just £39.99?

Mobile DJ Network is a membership of fellow Mobile DJs in the UK and Ireland.
One of the many benefits is that as a member you get £10 million pounds Public Liability Insurance cover.
The cost of membership to MDJN (Mobile DJ Network) is just £39.99.

Why buy Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

As well as all the WORRY and stress associated with injuries or accidents.
If you do not have insurance, you could be left in serious financial difficulty if a claim against you is made.

More and more venues and clients are asking for and requiring DJs to have minimum levels of public liability cover.
Mobile DJ Network Membership has ONE level of cover of TEN million pounds.
We don’t mess about with £1 million or £5 Million pounds cover as many venues require higher levels of cover.

We do not want members refused venue access based on poor levels of cover.
BEWARE of offers where the cover is only £1 or £5 million pounds. Many venues may not allow you access with lower levels of cover.
Should the worst happen  a large venue does for example burn down due to your equipment. How far nowadays do you think will £1million pounds go into rebuilding a historic hall?!

This is why our level of cover as a Mobile DJ Network member is ten times the level of some other low cost providers!


Public Liability Insurance (PLI)- an unnecessary expense?

Public liability Insurance is also known as third party liability or personal liability Insurance and this cover is designed to protect you against third party claims for injury or damage to people or their property.

An example of this would be in the event that the Disco equipment you set up, for example a lighting truss falls onto a member of the public and causes them an injury. Then that person could claim against YOU for financial compensation.

DJ and events companies with spotless health and safety records and detailed due diligence still have to deal with the odd accident every now and again.

As a DJ despite and all your best efforts, it isn’t simply always possible to avoid every single potential risk.
That is why some accidents do still happen.
If you are the  DJ at a show  and it results in a member of the public being injured, if your show leads to damage to property, you could see a very large and stressful legal compensation bill coming your way.
Your public liability insurance protects you and your company from these costs so you need to make sure you have the right level in place for your business.
It is why our membership benefit is £10 million pounds cover and nothing less.


PLI can get you work!

Many venues are asking to see your public liability documents, without them they won’t allow you to work in that venue.

Many mobile DJs are put off applying as they think DJ Insurance is costly and difficult to get .

Becoming a Mobile DJ Network member for £39.99 gives you many benefits one of which is instant £10 million pounds public liability insurance.

Payment for MDJN membership is done securely with PayPal.
We simply use PayPal as the payment system we accept cards through the links on the PayPal page that will appear on the application page.

The application form to join doubles as the form for your PLI cover.
The form cleverly generates your Insurance policy document from this form.
You need to take your time and fill it in properly. With your name and address and DJ show name in the correct boxes on the form.

See the video on how to fill in the “apply now” form .