MDJN Premium Membership with DJ Equipment Insurance


MDJN now offers DJ Equipment Insurance of £7000 to cover loss or damage to your gear

This is available for both new Members and when you renew, we call it:

Premium Membership from MDJN

You can still stay with and renew your Standard Membership with PLI & ELI as the main Member Benefit for £39.99, including:

  • £10m Public Liability
  • £10m Employers Liability
  • £10m Products Liability
  • Dry Hire
  • Legal Costs
  • Web Hosting (500mb)
  • Listing on our DJ Finder websites
  • Direct Client Enquiries
  • Retailer and Supplier Discounts and Deals

Or now you can upgrade to Premium Membership, and get these additional benefits on top:

  • £7,000 DJ Equipment Insurance to cover Loss or Damage, including when Dry Hired
  • £2,000 hire cover while your equipment is repaired or replaced
  • Featured Listing on our DJ Finder Websites (you’re at the top)
  • Web Hosting (increased to 1GB)
  • Subscription to Pro Mobile Magazine, delivered to your door

Annual Premium Membership including all the above is just £149

Take a look at our comparison chart below to see how this compares with our closest competitors



  • £5m PLI
  • £7000 Equipment Insurance
  • £250 Hire while claim is settled


  • £5m PLI
  • £7000 Equipment Insurance


  • £5m PLI
  • £7000 Equipment Insurance

As you can see, nobody even comes close to this amazing deal from MDJN!

You’ve invested a lot of money in your Business, why wouldn’t you want to protect it? With our Premium Membership you can now ensure you can still go out and do gigs with DJ Equipment Insurance. You use the £2,000 available to hire replacement DJ Equipment while yours is being repaired or replaced.

The full DJ Equipment Policy is online now for you read (and we do encourage you to read it), then once you have, you can either upgrade to Premium Membership today, or upgrade when you renew your PLI. To do this, log in and apply via your Dashboard

On renewal, the full price for Premium Membership is £149 – Just select Premium Membership instead of the default DJ Membership option

If you’re part way through your Membership period, you can still upgrade and bolt on the Premium Membership to add DJ Equipment Insurance now. This will run until your existing Standard Membership expires. At renewal you just select Premium Membership instead of the default DJ Membership option