Booking a Mobile Disco is not something many people need to do very often. It’s probably your first time, so you’ll find this website useful in finding a good Mobile DJ or Mobile Disco. We give you advice that will ensure you get a Professional Mobile Disco who will help you have a great party, whatever the occasion

STEP 1 – Look at our DJ Booking Tips to find out what questions you should ask your prospective Mobile DJ. Do remember it’s more than just playing some music. It’s playing the RIGHT music. Using the microphone when needed (and shutting up in-between!). Being client focused although with all guests in mind, and much more

STEP 2 – Click FIND A MOBILE DISCO to find a Professional Mobile Disco/ DJ near you

We have a list of highly professional discos and DJs across the UK, and you can locate the right one for you

Below you can choose from a regular Mobile DJ/ Disco, or a Wedding DJ. Although generally a Wedding DJ is slightly more expensive, they usually have much more experience. They will also be smartly presented, in keeping with your Wedding. You can also expect them to be better at dealing with a the wide range of ages at a Wedding. 

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Mobile Disco Prices

Don’t be persuaded into spending more than you need to on a Mobile Disco. However do spend wisely on a Professional DJ or Mobile Disco who will provide exactly what you need. It really is a mistake to go with the cheapest DJ, there is a reason they are cheap and it’s unlikely to be that they do it for fun/ love/ because you sound nice…

It’s much more likely that a cheap Disco will disappoint you on your special event. So bear in mind what your real priorities are, and what your guests will really enjoy and what you will all take away from the day. With a Professional Mobile DJ and Disco, hopefully many happy memories!

You could find a Mobile Disco or DJ for £100 and another for £1000. Both will play music, but does it end there?

Consider how much time and effort you put into the rest of your event, whether a Wedding, Birthday party, Corporate event or Bar Mitzvah. You want every detail to be perfect, yet many people pluck a figure out of the air and consider that to be their ‘entertainment budget‘. They haven’t considered what they actually need, and want! We have a page with guidance on Mobile Disco Prices which is well worth a read

Booking Tips

We suggest that in the early stages of planning your Wedding or special event, you select your prospective DJ, ask at least some of the questions from our HOW TO BOOK A DJ section, and discuss with him or her exactly what you want.

Listen to what they suggest, your DJ should have enough experience to be able to make a valuable contribution at the planning stage. They may suggest special lighting effects to enhance the venue and personalise it for you. You will want to discuss any background music requirements, maybe even projection of photographs or video, and who will make announcements?

These are all things that the professional DJ & Disco will have experience with, and can advise you about, and at that point you can discuss the costs involved.

The financial difference between average entertainment and personalised – WOW factor entertainment may not be that different !

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Questions to ask a Mobile Disco

  • Will your DJ have a massive song collection, and will he have the experience to use that collection to fill your dance-floor?
  • Will your Mobile DJ have equipment that looks tatty or tacky in your chosen venue?
  • Will your DJ s sound system have your guests holding their ears because it’s distorted or will it be clear and loud enough to dance to, yet not blasting out so people can hold a conversation?
  • Will your Disco supply effect lighting to create a WOW factor, and help make the party even more special?
  • Does your DJ have Public Liability Insurance (required by many venues)?
  • Do you get a contract to ensure he’s going to turn up on the day?
  • Will they discuss music with you?

All these things may make it sound as though having a professional DJ is expensive, but is it expensive if you get exactly what you want?

Is it expensive if the DJ takes time to understand your needs and dreams ?

Your event is important to you and important to us, let us help you arrange a professional Mobile Disco who will give you and your guests lasting memories of a great celebration

Hiring a Mobile Disco or DJ is much more than having someone….JUST play music !

Please take a look at our BOOKING TIPS and MOBILE DISCO PRICES then click the FIND A MOBILE DISCO button to locate a Professional Mobile DJ & Disco near you